CESA coordinates the European project NNEOS (Nacelle cowl NExt generation Opening System) as part of Clean Sky 2 program for R&D activities in the field of “Advanced Engine and Aircraft Configurations”. CESA is developing an innovative nacelle cowl opening system based on electromechanical actuation that will allow complete accessibility to the engine and nacelle components

Héroux-Devtek Spain coordinates NNEOS Project

Héroux-Devtek Spain coordinates NNEOS Project “Nacelle cowl NExt generation Opening System” funded by the European Commission as part of Clean Sky 2 program for R&D activities in the field of “Advanced Engine and Aircraft Configurations” AIRBUS is the Topic Leader of the project providing the requirements of the system. Héroux-Devtek Spain (HDS) coordinates NNEOS Project

Competitiveness Plan 2016-2019

In 2016 and 2019, Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos, S.A.U (CESA), currently Héroux-Devtek Spain,  successfully implemented its Competitiveness Plan aimed at improving the sustainability of its production process and increasing the added value of its products. This plan was financed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade pursuant to Plans RCI-040000-2016-89.

ESCAPHIB project´s

The ESCAPHIB project´s (Structures and Systems in Tail for a Hybrid Propulsion Passenger Aircraft) ultimate objective is the investigation of four new key blocks of electrical technology that will be tested in a hybrid aircraft demonstrator (E-FAN X) developed by AIRBUS Group. These new blocks to be developed will focus, in particular, on the high-power

Final results of ReCam project

The event to present the final results of ReCam project applied to CESA use case took place at CESA on the 4th of October. CESA hosted the meeting with the collaboration of DGH (Robótica, Automatización y Mantenimiento Industrial S.A.) and TECNALIA as developers of the implemented solutions to optimize the use case of CESA according to the objectives of

Héroux-Devtek completes the acquisition of CESA

Héroux-Devtek Inc.a leading international manufacturer of aerospace products, it has completed the acquisition of Compañia Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos, S.A. (“CESA”), a subsidiary of Airbus D&S for a purchase price of 137 million euros (approximately $206 million) enterprise value. “We are very pleased to have completed this acquisition which is the largest in our history

Quality Policy Declaration

QUALITY POLICY The main objective of the Company is to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction, providing products and services in line with requirements, on time and at a competitive price.The lines of action defined for achieving this are:• Consolidating the process of Quality Integration in all the areas of the Company as a tool for continuous improvement.• Using methods such as risk and

Environmental Report 2018

Since being founded, CESA has always had a great respect for the environment, as was reflected by the direction of the company when implementing an environmental management system, based on the ISO 14001, in 1999. CESA has obtained the certification of its environmental management system, based on ISO 14001, by AENOR, in March 2000. The company has

CESA’s Participation in UNVEX 2018

UNVEX S&D held its fifth edition, the first dedicated exclusively to Security and Defense, in the city of León. This edition provided a meeting place and debate forum for the industry and users of unmanned vehicles. UNVEX was inaugurated by the ecretary of State for Defense, Mr. Agustín Conde Bajén, and brought together 56 exhibitors

Closing Meeting for the R&D&i Programme NIPSE (HORIZON2020)

On 22 and 23 May the closing meeting was held in CESA for the NIPSE (Novel Integration of Powerplant System Equipment) project, which was completed on 31 May. In this meeting, all members of the consortium were able to share their final results and start preparing the project review meeting with the representative of the