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CESA is involved in developing several systems at different levels with respect to the A400M.

It designs and manufactures all the hydraulic actuators both for the landing gear, as well as the auxiliary gear, as the partner of Messier-Bugatti.Dowty. CESA also manufactures structural parts of the nose gear, such as the turning tube, the box, or parts of the steering assembly.

CESA has developed the hydraulic reservoirs and the ramp and cargo door actuation system that includes 26 actuators, some of which are 4 m long and 6 control valve manifolds, for AIRBUS Germany.


Lastly, CESA is also involved in developing the hot air bleed system by means of 4 shut-off valves and 5 ejector valves for Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse and 4 shut-off valves and 4 ejector valves for the Airbus Defence & Space.


Landing gear
As a partner of Messier-Dowty in the development of Landing Gears, CESA looks after the Build to Specification development of all Landing Gear actuators. On the other hand, CESA also manufactures in accordance with the Build to Print modality, structural parts for the Landing System.






The system is Engineered by Airbus Defence & Space. The manufacturing and part of the certification test of equipments are carried out by CESA.
The combination of the Extraction Parachute (linked to EPES) and also the drogue chute (linked to Tow Plate) allows the accurated  Aerial Delivery.

                                                a400m epes




The Crane mobile equipment is part of the Cargo Crane System. CESA is in charge of the development, manufacture and qualification of this equipment.

The Crane mobile equipment will be a single rail crane capable of lifting loads of up to 5.000 kg from the ground, a truck or transport device, onto the A400M ramp or toes. This crane system will enable hoisting and transferring of military to the ramp or toes.                           



Miscellaneous components