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HDI Spain provides its customers with a complete Customer Support Organisation duly staffed with the appropriate number of qualified personnel, who have been trained to meet all your requirements as quickly as possible throughout the useful life of any product that we supply.

Our company provides truly effective support solutions that have been designed to meet each customer’s individual requirements with respect to materials and deadlines by means of integrated logistics support programmes. These programmes cover repairs, spare parts and reliability, and maintenance preventative experiences, technical assistance and training courses in-service engineering, training, and test equipment logistics, all of which are aimed at ensuring maximum service available for our clients' aircraft.


Every customer has the opportunity to receive a wide range of services to meet his individual operational expectations. This website contains detailed information on all of the direct call services with our customers no matter where they operate, which is made possible by our work team, or by means of collaboration with a top quality company that works on behalf of HDI Spain.