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Canaries Great Telescope
HDI Spain developed electromechanical actuators to a resolution of 4 nanometers for the active stabilisation subsystem of the primary segmented mirrors on the largest optical telescope in the world. It also made the mechanical support for the primary mirror segments.


European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)
The E-ELT is a project for a new telescope under development by the European Southern Observatory (ESO), that will be located in the Atacama Desert in Chile. The Primary Mirror will have a diameter of 39 m consisting of 798 quasi-hexagonal segments. When it comes into service it will become the largest telescope in the world.

HDI Spain has been working with ESO from the beginning of the program and has been awarded the following contracts:

  • Conceptual design of the Cell of the Primary Mirror
  • Design and manufacturing of 3  M1 Segment Support and Fixed Frame Assembly Prototypes for the Primary Mirror. 
  • Design and manufacturing of 3 electromechanical Positioner Actuator Prototypes for the Primary Mirror.
  • Design and manufacturing of 5 M1 Segment Support and Fixed Frame Assembly Qualification Models.