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HDi Spain set up its Services Division in 2007 provide specific support service for equipped system and structure tasks.

FAL  A400M
HDi Spain is responsible for Engine Build Up activities for the FAL STA25-Engine on the A400M. These activities involve equipping engines with all the accessories prior to the mounting of the engines in the aircraft. With respect to the STA65, HDi Spain mounts all the wheel assemblies delivered to Airbus D&S for their later fitting, along with the brake blocks, on the aircraft.


Though initially purely for Engine Fitting activities and maintenance support for Wheels and Brakes assemblies, HDi Spain is now providing support to the Airbus Defence & Space In-Flight Test Centre for these activities, as well as those related to the Flap Support Fairing, Nacelles and Pylons, Horizontal Tail Plane and Powerplant. This support is also supplied in both Seville, as well as Toulouse (France), and in all the test campaigns that are being carried out at these bases (cold, medium and great height campaigns, aircraft promotion campaigns outside Europe, etc.).

HDi Spain also carries out Engine Equipping, Wheel, Brake Block and Propeller fitting for Airbus Defence & Space Light and Medium aircraft: C212, CN235 and C295.