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HDI Spain's capacity to manufacture to the requisite standards both as regards quality, as well as with respect to deadlines and costs, is based on the integration of its three Production, Machining and Production Control engineering modules.

The over 4000 m² surface area machining plant has more than twenty years’ experience in machining materials of all types (high resistance steels of over 140 kg/mm², stainless steels, aluminium and titanium alloys).

Our collection of machinery, in addition to the machining centres, lathe shops, spotting machines, etc., includes high quality surface finishing equipment, a cylinder lapping machine with the capacity of working to a depth of 1 m, numerically controlled grinder, a cell for making and coupling reels, etc.

The plant is organised on the basis of flexible cells that enable the manufacturing of a wide range of components, both in terms of size, as well as technology, in short lead times. The modern, numerically controlled machinery is integrated into a DNC network, thus enabling the direct forwarding of the machining programmes from Production Engineering to the machines.

Pre-setting equipment, likewise connected up to the DNC network, enables the measuring and preparation of tools, incorporating the requisite adjustments into the CN programme, thereby ensuring top product quality and process reliability.


Production control, supported by powerful and cutting-edge management (SAP), not only enables us to manage planning, the procurement of material and the issuing of orders, but also efficient plant control and monitoring of the status of the work in progress.

In addition to its machining plant, we have certified facilities to carry out the following processes: steel heat treatment, nitriding, shotpeening (steel shot and glass beads), cadmium plating, brazing, chrome plating, hard chrome plating, hard anodising and painting. Several of these processes have been automated.

We also have installations to carry out non-destructive inspections.