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Since being founded, CESA has always had a great respect for the environment, as was reflected by the direction of the company when implementing an environmental management system, based on the ISO 14001, in 1999.

CESA has obtained the certification of its environmental management system, based on ISO 14001, by AENOR, in March 2000. The company has worked to preserve it, renewing it on 6 occasions, the most recent in 2018. Since then, we have tried to improve our environmental behaviour.

Moreover, one of our main concerns has always been and will continue to be, the staff’s awareness, as we are convinced that the involvement of each and every one of us is important in order to achieve active participation and development of the environmental management system.

Below is presented, a brief summary of the results obtained concerning the environmental performance for the year 2017.



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In 2017, environmental objectives were defined, all of them directly linked to improving environmental impacts and aspects, or their elimination.
In summary for 2017, two of the objectives have been achieved, one has been reschedule for this year, and the final one has been defined for a four year period, so it is pending evaluation.

For 2018, two new objectives have been defined, taking into account significant environmental aspects, legal requirements and other associated requirements, as well as risks and opportunities, related to improvements in the installations and in the management and use of resources, in order to improve CESA’s environmental impact.

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► Achievement of important environmental objectives, planned and developed in 2017.
► Reduction in electricity consumption and use of natural gas instead of heating oil.
► Increase, in comparison with the previous year, in a non-hazardous waste generation, due to the improvements in the installations.
► Decrease in the hazardous waste generation, in comparison to the previous year.

To sum up, the results obtained in 2017 are, therefore, positive as they reflect improvement in CESA’s environmental performance.

Nevertheless, we are aware of the need to continue working with a view to achieve the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the system, and implementing improvements to decreasing our environmental impact.

Guidelines, year 2018

For the year 2018, CESA has established activities to:
► Improve a different kind of waste separation, a key point to facilitate recycling and improve management of waste along the chain.
► Improve the understanding of the environmental impact of CESA’s activities, throughout the life cycle stages.
► Improve enhancement of energy efficiency and the rational use of the resources, a key issue in the decreasing of the environmental impact of CESA’s activities.