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CESA has launched the STREAM programme (Research and Development of Landing Gear Locking Systems Released by Electrical Actuation in Emergencies). This programme is supported by the CDTI.

The main goal of the project is to develop a new concept for deploying the landing gear of an aircraft in case of emergency. This project is intended to develop electromechanical actuation systems that are more efficient, reliable, safe, compact and light, thereby aiding progress towards a more electric aircraft. The development of technology making it possible to increase aircraft reliability and availability, whilst reducing operational costs, through the use of electromechanical systems, instead of conventional hydraulic or purely mechanical systems.

In this project, CESA is responsible for developing the new concepts, preliminary design and detailed design of the demonstrators, their assembly and testing, and the validation tests. To manufacture the demonstrator components and to perform some of the tests, CESA will rely on several of their usual suppliers and research institutions for these development programmes.

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