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HDI Spain is collaborating with TAI in the development of various systems for the T-625 helicopter with different scopes:

  • Landing Gear (MLG/ NLG): regarding the landing gear package (struts and shock absorber) TAI is responsible for the design and its integration in the helicopter. In this phase, HDI Spain supports TAI in the conceptual and detail design being fully responsible for the prototypes production,  manufacturability, and industrialization for the development phase.
  • Landing Gear Actuation Package: HDI Spain is responsible for conceptual design, detail design, unit assessment, qualification, production of the development units and product support O-Level for the development phase.
  • Hydraulic System: dual system (redundancy) for FCS plus landing gear extension / retraction. HDI Spain is responsible for the complete architecture of the system supporting TAI in the development of the hydraulic test rig, detail design, qualification and manufacture of all hydraulic system components.

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