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Héroux-Devtek Spain has a 37,000 m² (9,500 m² roofed) industrial complex in which industrial health and safety and environmental protection have been prioritized. Its engineering capacity and modern facilities enable Héroux-Devtek Spain to carry out tests on and certify aeronautical equipment to a state-of-the-art technological level and in record time.

Our modern facilities are home to CN machinery supported by a CAD/CAM network that integrates the engineering office with the machine workshop, all of which is aimed at cost and time-saving.

We can boast of a highly qualified staff, given that over 40% of Héroux-Devtek Spain employees are university graduates. In addition, the human resources are completed with specialist technicians in precision tooling, heat and surface treatment of all types of cutting-edge aeronautical materials, as well as assembly and test technicians.

HDI Spain has an extensive network of certified sub-contractors, duly coordinated and supervised by our quality department in the areas of tooling, classification tests, equipment assembly, and special processes, etc.


The Product Support Department at HDI Spain focuses its activities on disciplines such as reliability, maintainability, flight security studies (safety) with respect to the systems developed by HDI Spain, as well as on training and after-sales service (both technical and logistics support worldwide).

The aforementioned capacity is further complemented by an experienced Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Department dedicated to the maintenance of the equipment developed by HDI Spain, as well as that made by third parties.