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The A4BLUE (Adaptive Automation in Assembly for BLUE collar workers satisfaction in Evolvable context) first year project results. A lot of progresses have been made by the EU-funded A4BLUE project since its start, one year ago. A4BLUE proposes the development and evaluation of a new generation of sustainable, adaptive workplaces dealing with evolving requirements of manufacturing processes the introduction of automation mechanisms.

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CESA has launched the STREAM programme (Research and Development of Landing Gear Locking Systems Released by Electrical Actuation in Emergencies). This programme is supported by the CDTI.


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CESA has signed a contract with the South Korean firm KAI, Korean Aerospace Industries, whereby the Spanish company CESA becomes responsible for the development and manufacture of the Arrestor Hook Emergency Braking System for the new KF-X 5th generation fighter jet. In its use conditions, this emergency system, connected to the braking rod cable, must be able to stop the aircraft launched at 350km/h in less than 365 meters of runway.

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CESA signed a contract with the Korean firm Energy & Machinery Korea during the Paris Air Show 2017, whereby the Spanish company CESA will be responsible for developing the KF-X fighter's hydraulic tank and for manufacturing part of the development and serial units.

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The 52nd edition of the International Paris Air Show, held between June 19th and 25th, was inaugurated by the President of France, E. Macron. 

CESA attended Le Bourget with its own stand, located in the Spanish Pavilion, in which 24 companies, organisms and technological centers were present.

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