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CESA participated as a speaker in the 18th Conference on Reliability held in Madrid, on the 23rd and 24th of November, at the VP El Madroño Hotel. The event was organised by the Spanish Association for Quality, via their AEC Reliability Community.

This Conference constitutes the most relevant meeting point in the country for Reliability Engineering professionals and for anybody interested in knowing the latest advances, developments and trends in the areas of reliability, security and maintenance of industrial facilities.

In this 18th edition, the Conference dealt with different subjects of great interest and relevance in Reliability Engineering amongst which we can highlight asset management, reliability in the manufacturing, aerospace and energy sectors, automatic failure detection and predictive maintenance.

CESA, represented by Ricardo de Arriba, Product Support Engineer (RAMS & ILS), focused its presentation on System Safety Assessment (SSA) methods for aeronautical systems, more specifically on Model-Based Safety Assessment (MBSA) as well as their application to Electromechanical Flight Control Systems.

The growing complexity of these systems, the great interrelation of functions and reconfiguration capacities make the application of Classic Safety Analysis Methods very difficult, such as for example the manual construction of Failure Trees. Model-Based Safety Assessment (MBSA) is presented as a very powerful alternative that facilitates the systematization of these studies and prevents errors in the coordination between the Design Team and the Reliability Engineer.

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