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CESA participation in the Stream project
CESA  has launched the Stream programme (Research and Development of Landing Gear Locking Systems release by Electrical Actuation in Emergencies).This programme is supported by the CDTI.
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CESA sings a contract with KAI for the execution of the KF-X Arrestor Hook System.
CESA signed a contract with  the South Korean firm KAI, Korean Aerospace Industries, whereby CESA becomes responsible for the development and  manufacture of the Arrestor Hook Emergency Braking System for the new KF-X 5th generation fighter jet.
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CESA sings a contract with EMK
CESA signed a contract with the Korean firm, Energy & Machinery Korea during the Paris Air Show 2017, where the spanish company CESA will be the responsible for developing the KF-X fighter's hydraulic tank and for manufacturing part of the development and serial units.
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Welcome to the Compañía Española de Sistemas Aeronáuticos (CESA)
web site. With more than 25 years’ experience, our company is the European leader in the fluid mechanics equipment sector. Indeed, our experience is further enhanced by that which we inherited from the company Construcciones Aeronáuticas, S.A. (CASA), which is currently a member of the Airbus Defence and Space S.A.
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